About Us

Our Vision

To become the best regarded training, education and capacity building firm of choice, measured by our performance and driven by a total commitment to our core philosophies and values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure access and equity in a transformed working and learning environment for those citizens who require a 'bridge' to become economically active. We also provide capacity building for foreign nationals within Africa who may need to enhance their skills at their place of work. We will continue to grow our organization and serve our customers at a fair profit using the same uncompromising standards of excellence that have made us the company we are today.

We also intend to

• To produce professional leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and administrators at the work place
• To produce the best specialized artisans and technicians for different economic sectors for the    economic sustenance of particular companies
• To produce artisans and technicians who are benchmarked with the world’s best
• To elevate artisanship to be a career of choice for many school-leavers
• To promote professional Learnership with special consideration to cater for the requirements of    those with no prior learning knowledge and historical vision of practical skills and theoretical    knowledge base.

Aims and Objectives

We offer a unique and powerful blend of subject matter, expertise combined with the ability to effectively promote best practice and reliable methodologies. Our objectives are:
• To create career growth opportunities through Recognition of Prior Learning
• To prepare graduates for potential job opportunities
• To produce self employed candidates through skills development.
• To encourage entrepreneurship among graduates
• To contribute towards poverty alleviation through applied technical skills
• To embark on Skills Outreach Program (SOP), a program with a potential to positively impact on    the lives of ordinary people
• To encourage and promote national allegiance
• To produce highly skilled artisans and professionals that are counted among the world's best
• To be an unparalleled leader in the Professionals and Artisans production business with branches    in all nine provinces of South Africa and other African states,but headquartered in Pretoria,    South Africa
• To hire productive and qualified workforce that will put our valued learners first.
• To provide affordable education and training opportunities.

Core Values

Wide Range Training Centre has been formed on the core values of quality, commitment, creativity, integrity and Ubuntu.
Quality: We will strive to offer quality service in all areas to our clients
Commitment: We will continue to devote time and energy to the well-being of our clients
Creativity: We will invest and dedicate time to research, invent, and or develop ideas to    benefit Africa, South Africa, provinces, communities, commerce, industry and the company
Integrity: We will base our values on the quality of being honest and morally firm
Ubuntu: We are determined to act with kindness, thoughtfulness, empathy and sympathy    regarding the different needs and situations of our clients.

We will also:

• Engage advanced technologies through modern networks
• Provide improved training programs through skilled management and workforce
• Increase customer satisfaction and compete fairly through service delivery and quality training
• Continue to improve and better corporate performance through the experience of our national   and international partners through accreditations, joint ventures and MoUs
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